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We bring together all of the technology components and services that you need to power your workplace.

Mix and match depending on your exact needs.

We’re a single point of contact to design, procure, install, commission, and support all of these components.

The best part: the core components are fully integrated. Add a user to your WiFi system; they’re also added to your access control and cloud printing systems. Improve efficiency, increase uptime, and reduce manual work.


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Wi-Fi & Networking

Wi-Fi and local network deployments - everything you need to stay connected.
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Cloud-based video recorders that provide access to live feeds and recordings from anywhere.
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Access Control

A cloud-based access control system, ensuring your users only have the right access, to the right doors, at the right times.
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Cloud Printing

Enroll your users in minutes, all within a secure-release print environment.
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A phone system that allows increased portability and accessibility, with all the standard phone features you'd expect.
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Digital Signage

Wireless presentations from any device, digital signage for all screens, and all-in-one cloud management.

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