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Our Story

Where We Came From

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Where We Came From

est. 2020


In 2020, Portside Technology started out with a very simple philosophy – help in whatever way we can. From this simple mission, we have grown into a team of seasoned technologists providing professional services and technology infrastructure solutions to small and mid-size businesses with up to 100 employees. However, this sense of wanting to help is still evident in how we approach the relationships with our customers. We want to meet them where they are and help at a level targeted where they need it. 

With previous technology leadership roles in commercial real estate, higher education, and media & entertainment, Founder and Managing Director Zach McNamara set-out to develop an organization based on strong core values and focused on small business technology needs.

Zach M. quickly learned he would need to expand the business to serve our target audiences and began to research potential mergers and acquisitions. This growth started with the acquisition of isofy, a simplified network management platform for coworking and flexible workspaces. Zach M. explored existing products in the market to deliver a simple and cost-effective network management solution. In 2022, isofy was identified as the premier solution uniquely suited for the operational and technical challenges of these operators. Portside Technology briefly became the exclusive distributor, as the service delivery arm of isofy, until growth of that business exceeded all expectations. There is still deep collaboration across both businesses in an effort to provide seamless infrastructure and network management solutions to our clients.

The first Portside Technology office
Zach McNamara, and his wife Chloe, shortly after the isofy acquisition

isofy’s deep-rooted client relationships and strong domain expertise, coupled with Portside Technology’s service delivery capabilities, delivered an end-to-end solution with immediate value to both existing and future clients. In addition to his duties at Portside Technology, Zach M. leads isofy as CEO. isofy has experienced robust organic growth and is currently active at many flexible workspace brands across the United States and around the world.

Fresh on the heels of our acquisition of isofy, Portside decided to expand our managed service offerings in the local Charleston market and add capacity to our capabilities. Motivated to scale beyond the Charleston market and provide a broader range of services and solutions, Portside closed a strategic merger with zTech in late 2022. The owners of both businesses were motivated to work together based on shared core values and a common mission. 

Owned and led by Zach Hogeboom, zTech served clients for over 15 years and built a strong reputation for reliable service, knowledgeable staff, and cost-effective managed technology services. After the merger, Zach H. serves as our Technical Director with responsibility for technology design and overall technology systems performance.

Zach McNamara, and his wife Chloe, shortly after the isofy acquisition

zTech’s strong client base in the local Charleston market and deep bench of experienced network engineers, systems administrators, installers, and support technicians, coupled with Portside Technology’s Workplace Infrastructure offering and isofy network management software, provide a comprehensive solution that brings immediate benefits to current and prospective clients.

Now that all of these strengths have been integrated into our services, we are able to provide trustworthy, responsive, affordable solutions to businesses across Charleston and beyond. Simply put we are the “IT team”. We solve problems that most of our clients don’t understand or don’t have time to understand. Our customers have a sense of security knowing that we can solve their problems and a sense of comfort knowing that their IT team has their back.

Zach Hogeboom joins the team as Technical Director after the zTech merger

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