Forming a partnership with any business can be intimidating, especially if you’re looking to offload a large part of your daily operations, such as technology management and support. We’re here to help guide you through what to look for in a technology partner.


First and foremost, your technology partner’s main priority should be to help move your mission forward. A good partner will take time to learn your business and its vision. At Portside, whether we are designing a platform, updating a system, or providing support, we always take time to understand the organization so that we can create a personalized solution.


One of the more important attributes of a technology partner is the ability to do more by doing less. Efficiency and effectiveness should drive each service. In addition, you want to make sure that a technology partner keeps up with new technology trends to ensure your business systems are running as smooth as possible. You will also want to ensure that your technology partner has experience in your industry and can handle all areas of your technology platform.


Paired with efficiency, communication is key to a good partnership. We’ve all been in meetings before where the technology stops working and no one can get a hold of the IT company. This situation then causes ripple effects for the remainder of the business day. It is important that your support team is not only communicative, but also has empathy and respect when coming up with a solution. At Portside, we go out of our way to find a sustainable solution. After solving the existing issue we go the extra mile to make sure your team is properly trained to prevent the issue from happening again.


Lastly, you should look for a technology partner that values relationship. You should be able to trust your technology partner to operate in a way that has your best interest in mind. If a mistake is made in the process, owning that mistake, and taking full accountability is a sign of integrity. Having integrity should be at the top of the list of “must-haves” in a partner.


We would be more than happy to discuss what a partnership with Portside Technology would look like for you. Contact us for more information!

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